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[靴紐をゴム]ハイカットスニーカーをおしゃれにして、履きやすくする[Rubber shoelaces] Makes high-cut sneakers stylish and easy to wear







This time, I’m dressing up high-cut sneakers. It is easy to wear on it.

Somehow, I’m surprised to hear that people don’t wear high-cut shoes because they are second-hand and cheap because they are difficult to wear.

I often talk to people. When you wear these high-cut sneakers, you can say “fashionable!” As usual.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a woman.

Therefore, you cannot go to the same place with the same clothes. When I went to the department store, there was that person from somewhere.

Because it is said. I never spend money on clothes and I don’t use brand bags.


These high-cut sneakers. It is rubber, not string, that is threaded. Therefore, it is very easy to wear. The rubber is sewn with thread so that it does not come loose when cut. If you are interested, give it a try. Very easy to wear and stylish.


This time, I wrote about the fashion and transformation of high-cut sneakers.

こちらは、日本メーカーのものです。良いものは、厚みが違います。お好みの色が、あると、良いですね。This is from a Japanese manufacturer. Good things have different thickness. It would be nice if you had your favorite color.


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