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[経験談]ニキビ肌を治すラニーホホバオイル。Runny jojoba oil that cures acne skin.








Runny jojoba oil. 100% pure oil. It has a bactericidal effect. Contains vitamins A, D, and E.

This oil has a weak UV protection effect.

A member of my family worked part-time at a dermatology clinic for acne clinical trials. I underwent treatment for several months, taking pictures and monitoring the condition each time.

My acne disappeared completely, but after the treatment, it became worse than before. Since it was a new drug, it worked well and I was cured, but I was in trouble because I couldn't use that drug.

[Experience] I decided to use Runny Jojoba oil to cure acne-prone skin.

So I washed my face and used jojoba oil. It has a bactericidal effect, so I was surprised how clean it was, completely gone.

The small bottle is enough, so if you use it for a while, your acne will improve. I tried to tell you about my experience.


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