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テレビはインターネットよりバカになった。Television has become more stupid than the Internet.






タチが悪い。そんなテレビを見て、子供が育つなんて、悪環境。テレビなんて、無い方が、やはり良い。YouTube が、人々に受け入れられるのは、良く分かる。他国は分からないけれども、日本では、テレビは、最低の娯楽だ。




The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was held. There were various productions, but I couldn’t see them straight. Because, in the director’s past, he ridiculed the Jewish massacre.

The director is also bad. But some people heard it. The problem is that such a person has been in the entertainment environment for a long time. This is a question of what the Japanese media should be. Because I do everything to earn viewership. Am I the only one who feels that attitude?

Although other countries do not know, the Japanese media will bother to lower the level and broadcast so that “everyone” can enjoy it. I rarely watch TV. I can only hear the noise. Such things piled up and became this situation. It’s so stupid that you don’t even notice it.

In short, there is no education. This was made by the Japanese media and is not just an individual issue. In Japan, there have been times in the past where owarai tarento were put in cold ice water and enjoyed their troubled faces, and owarai tarento jumped into the pool from a high diving platform. Then, it became a problem such as cerebral infarction and damage to the spine.

I thought it was gone now, but this time it’s verbal violence. There was such a bad laughing program. I don’t watch TV so I don’t know the details. However, the gluttony talent is touted and laughs when he sees it. The program is established by making people “laughter”.

Tachi is bad. It’s a bad environment for children to grow up watching such TV. It’s better not to have a TV. It’s easy to see how YouTube is accepted by people. Television is the worst entertainment in Japan, though I don’t know about other countries.

I watch the news on TV. I have nothing else. As you all know, Japan is a culture of “shame”. It was the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics that I couldn’t enjoy.

However, people who are accustomed to television are accustomed to “stupid”, so I’m sure they don’t feel guilty about making people “laughter”. Therefore, this is a question of what Japanese society should be. Yes, it was the media that made people “stupid.” Therefore, the Internet is also used by “stupid” and “free” people.

It’s a bad cycle. However, governance is working properly on the Internet. Yes, television has become more “stupid” than the Internet.










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