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セキュリティは大切.アップル製品がハッキングされた体験談Security is important. Experiences of hacking Apple products.

私は、Apple製品のiPad とiPhone、MacBookを持っている。このブログを運用するのに使っている。












そうして、私は、しばらくしてから、今度は、Apple IDにしていたメールアドレスのパスワードを解読されて、メールに不正アクセスが発生しました。私は、Apple ID に使用していたメールアドレスを変更する必要がありました。そうして、私は、メールアドレスを変更して、再びApple IDを変更して登録しました。このように、一度不正アクセスがあると非常に厄介です。iPhone, iPadも完璧ではありません。非常に厄介です。ですから、必ず、セキュリティを大切にしてください。


I have an Apple product iPad, iPhone and MacBook. I use it to run this blog.

However, the incident happened. It is targeted by net stalker. Even now.

I had installed virus software on my MacBook in advance, but I used the iPad and iPhone as they were. This was the reason why this long-term blog post was cut off.

iPhone and iPad have stopped working properly. The settings could be changed by remote control.

I got Apple’s support. Then I was advised to install security software. I was told, “Usually I wouldn’t do this much …”, but I was very upset. Because it is a terminal that contains various information.

Then I introduced Norton. Norton went to the site and entered his credit card information to make a purchase. It was said that even an infected terminal can be settled because it is secure.

I purchased the required number and installed it on other terminals with the QR code. Because remote control is scary.

Once you start using this security, you can’t stop. Searching on the Internet warns you that you shouldn’t visit this site. So you can be very relieved.

What surprised me most was that the sites run by groups, which are not ordinary, often give warnings. I have determined that this is probably taking personal information. That’s why it’s very convenient to access.

Maybe I will continue to use this Norton. However, I was very scared that an internet stalker would come to me. So I had to stop updating a bit and see if this damage would go away, and I stopped updating my blog.

It’s very negative for me, but it can’t be helped. At the same time, I decided to make a part of this blog a paid distribution.

Past articles have been read very much, but the access method is very cowardly, and it is often accessed by something called a bot. I was very damaged.

Then, after a while, this time, the password of the email address that was used as the Apple ID was cracked, and unauthorized access to the email occurred. I had to change the email address I was using for my Apple ID. Then I changed my email address and changed my Apple ID again to register. As you can see, once there is unauthorized access, it is very troublesome. iPhone and iPad are not perfect either. It’s very annoying. Therefore, please be sure to value security.

Publishing some articles to a limited number of people can be something that is not very common, and I feel that it is beneficial for readers. Thank you for your continued patronage.


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