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エビとごぼう風味の炊き込みごはん。Cooked rice with shrimp and burdock flavor.


材料 干しむきエビ 15g、ごぼう 50g、にんじん 100g

お米 3カップ(180ml/cup)

調味料 濃口しょうゆ 大さじ4 (60ml)、みりん 大さじ1(15ml)

This time, it is a cooked rice that makes the best use of the flavor of shrimp and burdock. Take the time to take the shrimp broth. The flavor of burdock makes it stand out. Then from the material.

Ingredients: dried shrimp 15g, burdock 50g, carrot 100g

3 cups of rice(180ml/cup)

Seasoning: 4 tablespoons (60 ml) of dark soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of mirin (15 ml)


For dried shrimp, take 2-3 days or more, add an appropriate amount of water, pack it in the refrigerator, and slowly put it back in the refrigerator to remove the dashi stock.


For burdock, remove the skin with an aluminum scrubbing brush.


After that, use a peeler to make burdock root.


Pour water into the bowl and remove the lye.


Also chop the carrots.


Add seasoning to the washed rice.


After that, add the shrimp stock and shrimp and adjust the water content.


Then add burdock root and carrots. Then, set the cooked rice in the rice cooker and cook it.


This is right after it’s done. Mix well.


The delicious, natural-flavored cooked rice is ready. Even this one item will make you appetite. Takikomi gohan that makes the best use of the flavor of shrimp and burdock. Please try to make it.


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