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アルフレッド・シスレー「春の小さな草地」は早春の自然の生命の息吹を感じるAlfred Sisley's "Little Spring Meadow" feels the breath of natural life in early spring.
















"Little Spring Meadow" by Alfred Sisley (1839-1899), produced in 1880. This is a compact painting with a canvas size of 54.3*73cm.

This work has beautiful brushstrokes and is reminiscent of an Impressionist work. The Seine River reflects the surface of the water; areas where it is stagnant are gray, areas where the water is flowing quickly are blue, and the flow stands out as white.

The white clouds floating in the blue sky feel very powerful, and many of those white clouds are

You can see how it shines in the sunlight.

In addition, the majestic green mountains remind you of the beautiful season of early spring.

Gradually, the appearance of the dead trees is gaining momentum, and I can feel the strength of the early spring trees, and along with the momentum of the big, shining white clouds, I can feel the budding of life.

Early spring appears on the grass beneath her feet before it appears on the trees, and the girl gazes at the small spring beneath her feet, dyed in green with white flowers attached to the grass. The image of her is her palms pressed together, as if rejoicing at the arrival of spring.

The ground where it stands is covered with early spring grass, giving the impression that it is enjoying the early arrival of the season.

The trees still have no leaves, and the sunlight hits the ground, and the grass on the ground is starting to look like spring.

Trees that are bathed in lots of sunlight feel their strength day by day, their branch tips are covered in clouds floating in the powerful sky, and their branch tips are rounded and give the appearance of new buds.

This painting feels like a big celebration of the birth of life in spring.

There's something wonderful about paintings like this, where you can feel the power of life.

The girl feels the power of this natural life, and she feels that she worships nature even more.

Although it is a painting that seems to be a casual scene from everyday life, the brushstrokes that give a sense of the breath of life and the powerful expressiveness of the subject matter of early spring are wonderful.

This painting, which takes early spring as its theme, felt the breath of natural life and was very moving.


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