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アイビーの育て方室内でやってみましたHow to grow ivy indoors





This time, I'll talk about how I tried growing ivy indoors. Actually, when I grow plants, I never let them die. However, as they grow and give birth to offspring, the parent plant becomes huge and I end up not knowing what to do with it. I love plants, but it's a problem when they multiply.

Ivy is a very hardy plant and prefers dry conditions. So, you can just pot it and put it outside and keep it on the dry side. If you do this indoors, it will inevitably get poor sunlight and if you water it, it will become weak. So first, take it outside in a sunny place and let it grow big and strong.

I was also having trouble with my ivy growing too. So I took it out of the planter.

It looks like this.




It was so big that I was thinking of giving up on growing it. I pruned it quite a bit to stop the branches from growing too long, because they would stick to the concrete. In this way, you start by growing the roots well outdoors, and making it into a strong ivy.

Then, if you prune the roots and grow it hydroponically, no soil will get inside, so it will grow nicely. Remove the soil and prune the roots.

Then add water. It turned out like this.






All the brown parts in the vase are roots. With this many roots, hydroponics will be easy and you won't have to work hard to grow ivy indoors. It won't die easily.

Plants grow big over time and with careful care. It will take time, but first, grow it in a pot in a sunny place to make the roots strong, then grow it hydroponically indoors. It will be easy to care for and it won't die.

It will take time, but if you grow it indoors in a weak state like a seedling, it won't be a strong plant. If you strengthen the roots and grow it hydroponically like this, it's easy to grow ivy indoors.

It will take time, but first, grow it outdoors in a sunny place on the dry side to make the roots strong, and then grow it indoors, either hydroponically or in a pot, and it will grow without dying.

If you're interested, please give it a try.


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