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お酒の飲めない人にコストパフォーマンスよくお酒をアレンジして雰囲気を楽しんで酔わない料理方法を伝授します!For those who don’t drink, we will teach














This time, we will talk about how to interact with alcohol for people who cannot drink alcohol. I like the taste of alcohol, but I'm sensitive to alcohol and can't drink it. That's why I don't go out drinking. However, I recently started drinking alcohol because I like the atmosphere and taste of alcohol when I want to relax.

The idea is to dilute a small amount of red wine or plum wine with strong carbonated water and drink it. My parents used to drink non-alcoholic beer, but after I taught them this method, they changed to this method.

It's very cost-effective, and carbonated water is good for your body, so please give it a try.

The photo on the cover shows a 180ml glass filled with wine to a height of about 1cm and diluted with strong carbonated water. Carbonated water costs about 40 yen for 500ml, making it very financially friendly. I haven't had a drink in years, so I was very happy when I came up with this method.

I also make plum wine. It is made by adding liqueur and plums to rock sugar during the plum season. It is like this.

I add a little more rock sugar and make it to my liking. This was made primarily for use in cooking. This time, I mixed a small amount of plum wine with strong carbonated water and it was very delicious.

It's like that, it's mostly carbonated water, but you can taste the atmosphere and it's very relaxing.

It doesn't get you drunk, so that's a good thing.

The great thing about this is that you can adjust the amount to your liking. And it's low in calories.

I only add a little alcohol.

It's a great way to change your mood, so please give it a try. It's sure to have a relaxing effect.

Another good thing is that it has good cost performance.

I would be happy if this was helpful.

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